During, and at the conclusion of ScreenSkill courses, we ask participants to complete a critical evaluation. These observations are used to improve the courses. Below are extracts from their comments - reproduced here with their permission.


'The quality of the teaching and workshop exercises was excellent...'

'... Valuable and interesting to the point of being compelling.'

'The content and the focus on actor/director language and negotiation was just what the doctor ordered...'

'A wonderful journey of discovery, thank you.'

'Excellent - challenging and original.'

'As an actor I was exposed to a clear set of principals as to how to approach the job of a director, working with actors and interpreting the script.'

Each member was listened to and acknowledged... This was a refreshing attitude to encounter since so many classes I have attended have been rife with subgroups and teacher bias.'

'Excellent. A chance to work with experienced and generous professionals.'

'Great experience in front of camera and great knowledge in-class ie. off-camera.'

'If you are or want to be an actor or director, or you would just like to work technically in television, a ScreenSkill' course is a prerequisite.'

'Tony Wickert is most definitely a successful director, one who has developed a great teaching rapport through interpersonal skills.'

'At the intensive training camp, my skills were boosted 10-fold over the course in all areas.'